Sunday, October 13, 2013


I hereby declare October 16th to be Boss Fix Day...

Well, technically its not Boss Fix Day, but I can’t think of a better  day  than the formal Boss’s Day on October 16th to call for Boss Fix works. Think about it ... it’s the perfect setup! It’s the day where you can give cards, approach a boss that may be typically unapproachable, give plants, bring edible gifts, all of which can be fixed with various forms of … Boss Fix formulas and works. Even if you don’t have contact with your boss on that day, it doesn't have to stop you.     

Boss Fix Oil is used when you need to create harmony in the workplace, stop a supervisor from harassing you or are trying to get a promotion or raise. Boss Fix formulas come from commercial Hoodoo. They are designed to have a dual function - it is said they can sweeten your boss to you or they can help you dominate and control them.

There is a huge energetic flow towards employers on Boss’ day by millions of people making it an ideal time to put your mean ole boss in a honey jar with a little boss fix oil, a pinch of red pepper, a cinnamon stick and a master root along with a written petition. Or, fix up a candle with boss fix oil and roll in Boss fix powder. Write a petition on a piece of paper you get from work like the copier he or she may share. Write your boss’ name 9 times on the paper one right under the other, then turn the paper 90 degrees and write your demands on top of your boss’ name nine times.  Set the paper under a fixed candle drizzled with honey and cinnamon sugar and burn it  all the way down. Or take a little Boss Fix powder and sprinkle it around the floor at work where your boss walks, take some of that powder or oil and fix the doorknobs he or she will touch. Put some on your finger tips and go touch all the common areas like bathroom faucets, refrigerator doors, and coffee pots.  Everyone who comes in contact with it will help you spread your intention. Finally, write your supervisor's name on brown paper and anoint with this oil. Wear it in your right shoe to "walk on" your boss.

Need the formulas? I’ve got you covered. Here is one version of Boss Fix formulas for the oil and powder. 

Boss Fix Powder

· Calamus Root, crushed and powdered
· Licorice root, crushed and powdered
· Honey granules (can be gotten in any Natural Food Store)
· Red Pepper (cayenne)
· Master Root
· Bergamot oil
· A piece of mail from your boss, a letter head or something with their signature would be
ideal—burn to ash and add to the rest of the ingredients.

Crush everything and grind to a powder using a mortar and pestle and a coffee grinder you have set aside just for your herbs. Add some bergamot oil and mix well. Use the powder as has been suggested.

Boss Fix  Oil

Add the following to a base of mineral oil if the intent is to dominate, and to sweet almond oil if your intent is to soften them up and “sweeten” them to your cause.

· Calamus
· Licorice
· Cinnamon
· Chili Powder
· Pipe tobacco

* Note that some folks recommend wearing this oil  when at work to influence their surroundings. If you plan on doing this, I would use a different formula as the cinnamon, calamus and chili powder can irritate the skin, not to mention make you very sorry should you forget to wash your hands and rub your eyes.


 Excerpted from Hoodoo Almanac 2013 Gazette, Copyright 2013 Denise Alvarado, Carolina Dean and Alyne Pustanio, All rights reserved worldwide.